Psychoeducational Assessments in Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, and Oakville

Available services:
Psycho-Educational Assessment (Psychoeducational Assessment)
Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Assessment
Psycho-Vocational Assessment

Psycho-Educational Assessment

A Psycho-educational Assessment is an individualized assessment that provides a comprehensive understanding of factors that may be impacting academic or social development, learning style, life at home, school or in the workplace, personality, or emotional functioning. When it’s necessary to undertake a psychoeducational assessment, Toronto counts on us.

School-administered psycho-educational assessments frequently have wait times of several months or longer, and the assessment process itself from beginning to end can take many weeks, resulting in delays to your child’s access to support, accommodations and services that they may qualify for. Early assessment and intervention are critical to the successful academic development of children with learning/educational challenges. At NKS Therapy, there is no wait list for assessments. Your child can be booked for an assessment within a matter of days, and we will complete the process from beginning to end (i.e. intake, testing, feedback, written report and recommendations) within a 4-week timeframe.

A Psycho-Educational Assessment Includes:

  • Assessment of a range of skills including thinking and reasoning (intellectual functioning), language, learning and memory, attention, planning and organization skills (executive functioning), fine motor skills, academic, personality, and social-emotional development
  • Highlight of a child’s or individual’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Evaluation of core academic functioning (reading, writing, spelling, math)
  • Information on actual functioning compared to an individual’s potential
  • Identification of areas for support (e.g. enrichment/gifted programs, remedial programs, special education)
  • Specific recommendations for intervention

A Psycho-Educational Assessment may lead to a diagnosis that facilitates access to academic/classroom accommodations, academic funding, or access to community resources (e.g. ODSP).

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Assessment

A motor vehicle accident (MVA) can result in significant mental distress and can have a lasting effect on the quality of a person’s life. Common issues individuals can experience following an MVA include post-traumatic stress symptoms, depression, pain-related distress, and anxiety. We provide a comprehensive assessment of the impacts to an individual’s overall functioning following an MVA, as well as treatment and recovery services in the form of psychotherapy where necessary.This type of assessment includes:

  • An overall assessment of an individual’s mental health functioning following an MVA.
  • Specific recommendations for intervention.
  • Determination of current employment or academic potential compared to previously held employment/academic status.
  • Determination of whether or not an occupational or academic disability exists.

A motor vehicle accident assessment may lead to a diagnosis that facilitates access to support and services covered by auto insurance.

Psycho-Vocational Assessment

A Psycho-Vocational Assessment is intended to marry an individual’s abilities (aptitudes, strengths, and skills), their interests/passions in life, and their personality with the specific learning requirements of a job or education/training goal. It is valuable for high school and college/university level students in course/program selection for future careers, for individuals who are unable to return to their usual work due to restrictions imposed by an injury, and for any individual considering a career change.This type of assessment includes:

  • Assessment of intellectual functioning, academic assessment (literacy, numeracy, and writing), aptitude testing, work preferences and interest testing, personality testing, and Transferable Skills Analysis where applicable.
  • A listing of potential vocational alternatives, as well as specific recommendations that address referral questions.

** Psycho-Educational and Motor Vehicle Accident Assessments at NKS Therapy are conducted by or under the clinical supervision of a registered member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario.