Psychotherapy & Counselling in Toronto

Individual Psychotherapy and Counselling

individualtherapyWe offer personalized counselling to the Toronto and the surrounding communities of the GTA. We provide a gentle and safe environment to help individuals improve self-awareness through raising awareness and understanding of your core beliefs, the way in which you interpret your life experiences, what motivates and drives you, and how your unique self contributes to your emotions, behaviour and overall daily functioning. Our approach is to understand and work with who you are and your natural strengths to help you bring out your “best self” and achieve positive changes in your life.

Couples Therapy/Marriage Counselling

couplesCouples therapy can provide significant and enduring changes to your relationship. Even highly compatible couples can benefit from some therapy. We offer treatment in a safe and neutral environment in order to explore and navigate the issues of both parties in a positive way, to teach and promote healthy communication skills, and to re-establish feelings of safety and security in the relationship.

Career Counselling and Coaching

careerWhat is the difference between a job and a career? A job is about work, but a career is about you. Whether you are a recent graduate looking to choose a career path that is right for you, a seasoned professional looking for a change from your existing career, or simply want to do something different or that matters to you, career coaching can help. We help you identify and leverage your natural strengths, personality, and life passions in order to find the “next move” that is right for you. Whether you are a student looking to select and apply for college or university programs, or you are a seasoned professional simply feeling stuck in your career and want to make a change, let NKS Therapy help you realize your full potential!

Anger Management Program

angerAnger is considered a natural human emotion. We all experience it from time to time, but when does it start to become destructive? Ask yourself the following:

Do you feel that you get angry frequently or at “the little things”?

Do you often shout in anger or frustration?

Do you throw things or slam doors when angry?

Are you physically or verbally abusive when angry?

Do you see others cry or feel sad after as a result of your anger?

Do others tell you that you have difficulty controlling your anger?

If your answer is “Yes” to 1 or more of the questions above, then anger may be significantly interfering with the quality of your life or affecting those around you.
We don’t want you to just “manage” your anger. We want you to be in in control of it. In our 12-week program at NKS Therapy, you will learn the fundamentals of what anger is and how you can control and eventually move past your anger. Clients will receive a report upon completion of the program confirming their participation and outlining their progress. The following is breakdown of our comprehensive program and the topics that are covered:
Intake and Anger 101
Session 1: Learning about Anger
Session 2: Learning about Your Anger
Session 3: The Aggression Cycle and Management
Cognitive Restructuring
Session 4: Unhelpful Thinking Styles
Session 5: ABCs of Thinking and Feeling
Session 6: The Two ”Ds”: Detecting and Disputing Irrational Thoughts
Session 7: Evaluation and Balanced Thinking
Conflict Resolution
Session 8: Understanding Your Conflict Style
Session 9: Resolving conflict with others
Session 10: Communication Styles
Session 11: Assertive techniques and How to Deal with Criticism
Session 12: Self-Regulation & Review Session
If anger has led to work-related stress, loss of relationships, legal issues, or is just generally interfering with your life or your ability to be happy, call us now . . . we offer counselling for individuals and couples in Toronto and the surrounding areas.