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The Top 4 Signs He Will Never Commit

By Nick Bastion / Vixen Daily

I talk to a lot of women who feel trapped in their relationships – waiting for a man to commit and not knowing if he ever will.

It’s a really uneasy and nerve-wracking place to be – because you don’t want to feel like you’re wasting your time with him, but you also feel uneasy… is he EVER going to commit to you?

That’s why I’ve come up with my top 4 signs that a guy isn’t going to commit. If a guy is giving you more than 2 or 3 of these signs – it probably means he’s not that serious about the relationship.

So without any further ado, here are the 4 signs he will never commit:

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How To Know If A Person Truly Loves You: The Top 6 Ways

By Natasha Sharma

Oh to be in love. Is there really anything quite like it?

The slow cartwheels that turn over in your stomach every time you think of the other person, the slight hop and a skip in your step, the giddy anticipation at the thought of seeing them again, and how everything in the world around you suddenly just seems…better!

The trouble with love, as the saying goes, is that is can also render us temporarily – but powerfully – blind. At least cognitively speaking. There’s a reason somebody coined the phrase “love is a form of socially acceptable insanity.”

The intensity of biological factors and psychological emotions in the beginnings of a new relationship can weaken our judgment. In short, this happens so that we can see what we want to – and our relationship needs can be filled.

While it’s true that love may be both a feeling and an action, trust me on this: When it comes to letting others know whether or not we truly love them, it’s what we do over what we say that matters.

At the end of the day, there are some basic things that form the foundation of all healthy and loving relationships. Here are the top 6 ways for how to know if a person truly loves you:

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The Top Nine Secrets To Making A Long Distance Relationship Work

By Nick Bastion / Vixen Daily

You want to make a long distance relationship work?

You’d better be willing to put in the effort.

Long distance relationships are exactly like normal relationships in every way – except the difficulty level is ratcheted up like one million times.

And it’s WAY easier to misunderstand each other.

And if you have any doubts about the relationship, they become totally magnified.

And temptation becomes much scarier and more in your face than ever.

OK, so maybe it’s not quite like a normal relationship.

But if you know what to do – you can make your long distance relationship work.

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Pregnancy: Is it Really ‘All That?’ 4 Tips for Keeping it Real.

By Natasha Sharma

I have a confession to make: I did not enjoy being pregnant. There. I said it. And I’m pretty sure I’m far from the only person who feels this way. But you won’t hear people admit it. That’s because we live in a society where women are taught that being pregnant – and all that goes with it – is supposed to be the most beautiful and glorious time of your life. A time when you feel energetic and alive, when you are “glowing” from the inside out, and when you sit on a proverbial lily pad all day while doves coo at you and deer eat out of the palm of your hand. Ok, I’m being a little facetious, but heaven forbid if a woman should admit that she secretly felt anything less than total and utter bliss when with child. Notwithstanding the fabulous monologue delivered by one Elizabeth Banks in the film “What to Expect when you’re Expecting” in which she proclaims “pregnancy sucks” while her younger counterpart played by Brooklyn Decker appears pleased as punch with pregnancy (and didn’t we all just want to Deck-her at some point?!).

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Top 4 Ways Social Media Is Killing Your Relationship

By Natasha Sharma

How many times in the last hour have you checked in with any Social Media platform on which you have a profile? Once? Twice? More than 10?? Studies show that people between the ages of 18 and 64 currently spend an average of about 3 hours per day on Social Media sites. That’s a little over 11 minutes each hour, figuring a 16-hour day. That works out to an average of about a minute for every 5 minutes. And that equals almost 20% of our waking lives! If we are going to dedicate that much of our precious time to something, it would be wise to understand and evaluate the quality of our experience.

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5 Ways to Rejuvenate your Marriage

By Natasha Sharma

Marriage is a (hopefully) long and deeply fulfilling relationship that many of us choose to embark on. But a good marriage – indeed a great one – is not all strawberries with cream. In my practice, I often work with couples in long-term relationships, and one of the key points I am always emphasizing is that marriage is a journey, consisting of times when we feel incredibly connected . . . and other times when we feel less so.

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