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Parenting Means Partnership: A New Approach for How To Potty Train Your Toddler

Natasha Sharma is a personal development and happiness expert, and author of internationally featured “The Kindness Journal,”  a guided interactive journal for cultivating a happier and more positive life.

I’m a mom. Of two very sweet boys. The second who joined us a mere three months ago! Having been a member of the MOB (mom of boys) squad for some time now, I’m already well versed in the nuances that come with changing baby boy diapers: The moving aside of the ‘bits and pieces’, the always-when-you’re-not-expecting-it pee pee spray, and have I just been living in a house of boys for too long or does their ‘business’ really smell worse than girls?!

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What’s Up With The Mom Shaming?

By: Natasha Sharma

I have the good fortune of being a part time stay-at-home-mom, so my 2-year old son and I occasionally used to go to a public drop-in center in our neighborhood. The other attendees varied: Mostly home daycare providers, some moms, the odd grandparent, and even a rare dad sighting here and there! On one of our visits, a staff member suddenly pulled me aside. Apparently, another woman had been complaining – to staff and any other person who would listen – about my giving my son a snack at 11:30 am because all the other kids eat a snack at 10:30 am. My son and I would usually show up at 11.

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5 Tips To Get Past Your Fears of Failure!

By: Christina Jay

Everyone can relate to the fear of failure at some point in his or her life. When a positive trait like achievement becomes too strong in someone’s life, its on the way to becoming a major handicap. Often time’s we view failure as more of a bigger story we tell ourselves “ I am not good enough” “ I will never become a successful entrepreneur” “My ex spouse was right I’ll never make it on my own-I am a loser” However, we have to remind ourselves it is just that-a story. We have to reframe our minds and turn failures as something positive and something we can learn from. It’s important to not turn to external activities (drinking, drugs, eating etc ) to avoid your fear of failure and instead create more positive ways to deal with it.

Here are 5 Tools to Get Past Your Fears of Failure:

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What Tragedy Can Teach Us in the Land where Grass is Greener

By Natasha Sharma

The first thing I saw was his feet. Tiny and limp, encased in familiar looking dark blue Velcro-strap shoes. Much like the dark blue Velcro-strap shoes I struggle to get onto my 2-year old son’s feet every day. Then I saw his little legs. I had just sat down for a coffee break. As I finally registered that what I was looking at on the cover page of Metro Toronto was a policeman carrying a drowned toddler on a beach, I experienced a jolt. Probably like most of the world when they saw the same image. I quickly put the paper down. Then I threw it in the trash so I wouldn’t be tempted to read it. As a Psychotherapist, I’m well in tune with what can impact me emotionally on a personal level, and I had clients to continue seeing after my short break for whom I needed to be clear headed and unaffected.

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