The Book

The Kindness Journal

Natasha is the author of The Kindness Journala 6-minute daily guided journal for creating and cultivating more happiness in life.

Thinking a “certain way” just isn’t enough to create lasting change. We need to take deliberate actions that are intentional, meaningful, and positive for maximum impact to our happiness and well being! The Kindness Journal is the easiest and most powerful way to do this. It will genuinely improve your life in just minutes a day. Evidence-based and backed by research, The Kindness Journal is a Guided Journal for people who don’t want to stare at an empty page and pour out their thoughts. It’s also focused on positive ACTION, not just thoughts.


It looks simple, but each entry is carefully curated based on the science and wisdom of Positive Psychology. The Kindness Journal will harness your personal strengths, virtues, and behaviors that are proven to be effective in achieving growth and enrichment. You’ll feel a difference after a single day. The Kindness Journal will make you the best and happiest version of YOU. And that makes everything else infinitely more possible. Please visit us at for more information and to purchase.